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  • When designing products for high volume production, coin cell battery cases should be supplied to pick and place lines using standardized tape and reel packaging. Additionally, applicable government or industry regulatory compliance requirements, such as RoHS and lead-free requirements, should also be considered.


  • Keyu Hardware's Coin Cell Holder can maintain force and disassembly. A well-designed Coin Cell Holder should not only have stability against shock and vibration, but also need to maintain sufficient elasticity to achieve convenient battery replacement.


  • The battery holder comprises a seat body, a first conductive sheet and a second conductive sheet.


  • Stamping is a forming processing method that relies on press and mold to exert external force on plate, strip, pipe and profile to produce plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the required shape and size of the workpiece (stamping).


  • The battery holder is consumable. This article gives a brief introduction to the short battery holder mileage without charging the case, in order to simply use it for general use, simple maintenance and repair.


  • 1. Find the fine sandpaper and slowly rub off the rust in the battery holder springs. In the future, be careful to replace the battery when it runs out of power, otherwise the battery will decompose into electrolyte and corrode the remote control.