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Electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance with coin cell battery holders

Exposure to excessive heat and moisture, corrosive chemicals, or airborne pollutants may often cause problems associated with corrosion buildup, which may have a negative impact on electrical performance. To minimize these effects, choosing a battery case made of a corrosion resistant material is important. The metals with poor electrochemical properties may further aggravate the corrosion problem, leading to electrochemical corrosion. These effects can be minimized by using insulators or gold plating.  
Metals that conduct electricity well, such as gold, may offer unexpected additional advantages. They have less friction, which reduces the force of insertion. Although the shell and contact shape are the main source of force for insertion, gold and similar materials require less force than tin and copper when all other factors are the same.  

With 20 years’ experience in manufacturing for battery holders, Keyu provide customers with high quality coin cell battery holder, such as CR2032 battery holder, CR2016 battery holder, CR2430 battery holder... If you have requirements with the surface finishing for better conductivity and corrosion resistance, we can do tin or gold plating.