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How to deal with corrosion of battery holder case pole

Corrosion of battery holder case pole is a frequent phenomenon. Poor quality of the battery will leak when it is kept in the battery hold case for a long time, so the pole rust in the battery hold case. In case of the pole rust, the following treatments can be carried out:  
1) Positive pole processing: the positive pole is a piece of iron (or copper) connected to the battery positive pole. If the pole is completely rusty, we just need to scrape the rust on the pole with a knife. If the positive electrode has been corroded, replace it with a new iron (or copper) of pole for the same size.  

2) The treatment of negative spring: Usually the battery negative is connected to a spring. Spring rust is not severe, use a knife to scrape off the rust. If the spring rusts badly, of course, it is best to replace it with a new spring of the same specification. In this case, a copper wire can be used to wrap around the rusty spring, and the other end can be welded on the negative pole lead.