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Smart door locks battery holder from Keyu

As the the popularity for smart door locks. Keyu has developed business with some big digital companies, such as Haier, Xiaomi, Kaadas. We provide our customers with both standard and customized battery holders. For smart door locks, we mostly supply to our customers with 4 AA battery holder and 8 x AA battery holder.


In the smart door locks industry, the multi-functional products generally are integrated with wireless doorbell, video intercom, human movement detection, face capture, cat eye and so on.  In addition, some brands have realized the function of automatic lock unlocking by authentication, such as key to open the door and key to close the door, which improves the intelligent experience. 

Since Haier chose Keyu as the first supplier of battery holder for intelligent door lock, Keyu has been chosen as the supplier of intelligent door lock of well-known brands at home and abroad, which is undoubtedly an affirmation of Keyu's products and services.

Keyu battery holder is a worthy choice.