Industry News

  • Dongguan keyu plastic hardware co., LTD., established in 2000, is a professional manufacturer integrating connector development and plastic hardware processing(China mold processing)


  • Established in 2000, Keyu has rich experiences in injection tools and stamping dies. We are specialized in design, manufacture, modification, and maintenance of injection tools and several die types including single hit, progressive, transfer, and compound dies.


  • 8 AA battery holder with 2 PH2.0-2P Heads is customized product for our client. This battery holder is designed for batteries in parallel, suited for devices which need 6V power supplies.


  • Keyu coin cell holder CR2477 is usually used for electronic products which need power supplies 3V with nice conductive contacts. They are usually used for PC boards, electronic toys, remote controls, etc.


  • The battery holder can be connected with ordinary dry battery, alkaline battery and rechargeable battery from C, D, AA, AAA, 18650 to 9v battery. The batteries are connected in series or in parallel, and the output voltage is different according to different battery types. The electricity of battery holder can be output by interface, cable and pin. Battery holder can be widely used in intelligent door lock, remote control, calculator, toy, flashlight, medical equipment and other industrial purposes.


  • In fact these are some materials suited for your contacts of button cell battery holder: 1. stainless steel. 2.brass. 3.phosphorus bronze.